Breast implant bras, large breast bras
Breast implant bras

A breast implant surgery procedure will give you exactly what you want… fuller, shapely, and sexy breasts. With over a quarter million implant surgeries conducted every year in the US alone, it leaves no doubt that breast surgery is the most common form of cosmetic surgery in the industry today. A successful breast implant surgery will give you a near instant boost to your self confidence if you have ever felt insecure with the shape and size of your breasts.

If there is something that is important to most women is the body shape and image. This justifies the reason why most women will opt for breast surgery, to change how their breasts look like, and hopefully make them look sexier and prettier. After surgery, you should know that in the first weeks and even months immediately after the procedure, your breasts may not appear the way you had envisioned.

For instance, how the saline or silicone implant will be positioned in your breast may not appear as seamless and as smooth as you had wanted them to be with your natural part of your breast. Again, there will be the unavoidable incisions, which may be ugly and sometimes even painful, especially the first few weeks following the procedure.

With time however, your breasts will start to assume the normal shape that you had intended as the implant starts to settle in and look well integrated with your natural breasts. There is however a very important thing you need to consider when you want your breasts to assume the right shape and size after surgery… your bra. You need to have the right bra size for your breasts to help your breasts ‘form’ naturally faster.

Choosing a bra size that is smaller than your new breasts can make them pop out of the cups, and they may even assume a strange form. On the flip side of the coin, opting for a bra size that is too large for your ‘new’ breasts can make your cup look baggy, especially in the nipple area hence will not get the right support. Naturally, it is expected that you will face some hard time choosing the right bra after surgery. This is because not only will you be dealing with ‘new’ breasts in terms of shape and size, they could also be ‘behaving’ very differently.

For you to be able to choose the right size for your bra, you should know your bust size and bra band size before you go out shopping for an after-surgery bra. The next step would be to calculate the size of your cup, which you do by subtracting the bra band size and the size of the bust. Ensure the bra fits comfortably and snugly, especially when looking for an after surgery bra. Ensure the straps lay perpendicularly on your body and not at a diagonal. The band on the other hand should be horizontal across the chest. While still at it, ensure your breasts will not be ‘spilling’ out of your bra.

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