How to shop for large breast bras
How to shop for large breast bras

When buying a bra, you want both comfort and good looks, regardless of your cup size. When you’re larger than 36B though, it can become sort of a headache. Read these 5 tips for finding the right bra more easily:

Support Is Crucial – Your shape and the firmness of your breasts aren’t things you can control without using a bra. Many women have breasts that are naturally pert, and others simply don’t. Sadly there isn’t much to be done about this, because breast tissue isn’t made from muscle, so it can’t be toned up as you would other parts of your body.

Large breasts most commonly suffer more often from sagging brought on by gravity and weight. So the importance of wearing a bra with good support cannot be overstated. It’s imperative for improving your appearance and preventing aches and pains that are caused by straining your back and shoulders.

Pay The Price – There is a good reason why plus size bras are just now becoming widely available. It’s because of the cost to make them. It may take several good designers more than two years to actually produce an attractive plus size bra that’s fully supportive.

Only recently have bra makers begun to make the bras for plus size women. Until now, they weren’t considered worth the expense, but so many full size women have surfaced and in need of bras, and are willing to pay for them, that the industry is complying.

Be Measured – Be sure you know exactly what your size is. This means being properly measured around your back and breast areas. The more reputable bra stores usually offer free professional measuring services.

It’s important that you remember that your bra size will change depending on various factors. One changing factor would be pregnancy, another breast-feeding, and the age old putting on and losing weight. So be measured regularly.

Try Your Bra On – Don’t give in to the temptation of buying a bra because of looks alone. It has to be the proper size and fit right. You may be able to squeeze yourself into it, but you’ll end up paying for it in the end. Whenever you buy a bra for a large breast size, it’s extremely important that it fits around ‘all’ areas of your body. There are many very good bra shops around to buy them. You can even buy them online.

When You Got It, Then Flaunt It – Don’t let the media images of glamorous stick figure women put you off. There are lots of full figured women who are every bit as attractive, and some more so. Don’t hide those big bosoms away. You can find many large cup bras out there to enhance your figure and help you to celebrate who you are.

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