Problems of women with big breast
Problems of women with big breast

The brassiere is basically a clothing item that today’s women have learnt to love and appreciate. A good pair of bra provides the much needed support to your boobs, giving you the comfort of knowing that your little ‘girls’ are well protected, whether while playing outside or exercising, or when out on a formal dinner with business associates. It is a piece of cloth that you simply cannot do without, especially if you are well endowed on the chest.

Today’s bra has come a very long way. With much flexibility and lighter materials, you will get more support and comfort than you could ever imagine. Yes, this is so true when you think of the side panels and the underwire bras that could poke you endlessly. With these advancements however, most women get surprised to discover that their bra is impacting negatively on their health.

This is not about cancer or a similar condition; it is a daily frustration in form of sore backs, headaches, tight necks to mention but a few. Although these are not life threatening conditions, and do not even sound as big health problems, over time they can wear a woman down, and even develop some permanent back and posture problem.

You might be wondering, how on earth can a bra be responsible for all these problems? It is not because of the material or design of the bra; no, it is because of wearing the wrong size of bra. For you to be able to determine if you are putting on the right bra size, it is important to first understand how the bra actually works.

Support to your breasts is provided not by the straps but by the band that runs round beneath your bosom and across your body. Brasseries are designed to offer over 80% of the much needed support from the band which is then complemented by the straps as they take the remaining 20%. So how do you know you have the wrong bra size?

Back riding up – your bra should also fit in snugly without having the back part riding up and then falling off. Should you find that the band is sliding down or up upon wearing your bra, it is high time you get a bra with a much tighter band?

Sagging breasts – a good bra should give you the support that you need and prevent them from sagging. If you have a well fitting bra, it can even hide sagging, reason why you should look for a good pair that will make your breasts look contoured and firm.

Spillage –   if you discover some spillage on the sides and the top of your bra, then you need to look for a bra that has a bigger cup size and bigger band. A good fitting bra ought to cover the whole breast area without leaving anything outside.

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