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How to choose swimsuits for large burst

A woman with a small body frame normally faces some trouble looking sexy in the right swimsuit, leave alone one who is well endowed in the chest area. A big bust will without a shadow of a doubt change all dynamics of your sexy style. In other words, a swim suit that looks attractive and modern on a woman with a tiny bust runs the risk of looking misplaced on a voluptuous woman. In addition to the appearance, there is also the support and fit that needs to be considered when searching for the right swimwear.

Here are some great tips to help you select the most ideal swimwear that will complement your chest area.

– The last thing you would want is to have something that will make your already large breasts appear droopier, saggy and bigger than they actually are. So, as cute and attractive as the tiny triangle tops are on one piece suits and bikinis, you might want to steer clear of them.

– If you are looking to reduce the size of your bust, albeit temporarily, you are very lucky because today most swimsuits will come with built-in bust minimizers that can help you attain a streamlined and well toned look. The other alternative would be to put on a swimwear that has a dark color around the bust line. This diverts all attention and creates the illusion of miniaturization.

– Most bathing suits, especially if they are too small for your bust size, can be very unflattering and embarrassing as they run the risk of spilling your boobs out. You should therefore be very careful when choosing swimsuits, and go for those that are proportionate to your bust size, those that will provide you with more coverage, unless of course you want to flash unknowing bystanders.

– Stick to big floral and vibrant prints as they will divert attention… tiny prints can appear centralized thus making you look even bigger than you actually are.

– The secret to a comfortable and sexy swimsuit for someone with large breasts lies in the straps. Not only in large breast women, even when you are tiny, you want a swimsuit that will fit snugly and flatter you at the same time, so the best one here is a swimsuit with a wide strap that will give you the much needed support. Although small strings will look cute and attractive, they will not offer you the much needed support to keep your little ‘girls’ in place. If you are particularly busty, you might need to consider a halter style of a swimsuit, one that will help lift up your bosom and ensure it remains in its rightful place.

– Additional support comes in the form of a bikini top that has a wide band under the bust. This also goes a long way in helping avoid the much feared ‘under boob’. An ‘under boob’ is a dreaded situation where the breasts spill out of the bikini top.

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