Why women need to wear bras, large breast bras
Why women need to wear bras

Before finding out the reasons behind women putting on bras, it is important to determine whether a pair of bra fits snugly or not. When you put on your favorite pair of bra, does it feel comfortable or you feel some tightness on your chest. Is the bra very loose or very tight? Each time you lift your hands up; does your bra also go up? How do the straps fit? Are they too tight or too loose that they fall off each time you twist your arm?

These are a few indicators of whether your pair of bra is the right fit or you need to recheck. The reason why you need to have a good fit is because some pair of bras comes with a side panel or under wires, which can make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

An underwire can even poke into your skin, with the side panels depressing deep inside your flesh, leaving sore red marks which can not only be uncomfortable but also very risky for infections. It is because of this that you are always advised to seek professional assistance when purchasing a pair of bra. Back to the main question, why do women wear bras?

The first obvious reason is for support. A good pair of bra will give your breasts the best support in the world, thereby preventing them from sagging because of the weight. When exercising, for instance when running, swimming, jumping and similar activities, you may experience some form of pain on your breast area, especially if you have medium to big size breasts. In such a case scenario, you will need to have a good fit bra to help keep them in place.

It is however important to keep in mind that your breasts too need some breathing space. When you are sleeping or when at home relaxing, it is always recommended that you remove your bra so it can get a good rest.

It is however to be mentioned that because of the huge gravity, sagging is inevitable, unless you have very little breasts. This is because breasts have some ligaments which, just like the ligaments found in the body, will weaken when not in active use. When the breasts are artificially supported by a bra, they can end up sagging much faster because of the elevation and stretch of the ligament. The same holds true when you put on an incorrect size bra, you will be forcing your breast tissue out of their natural place, and eventually your breasts will assume a new shape.

The other reason why ladies put on bra is because some ladies will feel licentious for not having one. They feel ‘naked’, that the breasts should be hidden and covered by a good pair of bra. Other ladies are comfortable without a bra, as it makes them feel proud and sexy of their natural beauty and sex symbol.

Regardless of your reasons for wearing or not wearing a bra, it is important to keep in mind that a good pair of bra will give your little girls the much needed support, but only if it is a good and fitting pair.

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