Women with large breasts – types of dress to wear
Women with large breasts – types of dress to wear

Large breasts can turn out to be a really big headache, and most especially when you get down to choosing what clothes to wear. Having large breasts causes women’s bodies to take on a unique figure, and that calls for wearing unique clothes. It doesn’t really matter if it’s casual wear or office attire. The main thing is that a woman’s clothes fit here well, and are attractive. She should wear clothes that don’t attract unwanted male advances or make her look overly flirty.

This is why so many big bosomed women have taken to wearing boring old V-neck T-shirts. Women who are full-bosomed are forced to play a balancing game with clothing, because they can only get them from two categories – The ‘trashy’ or the ‘stylish’. But there are some ways of minimizing their bust lines.

Wearing dresses that flow gently and loosely beneath the bust line is ideal for women with large breasts. It’s good to stay away from high neck, clingy dresses. These types of dresses only exaggerate your bust size, and at the same time steal the thunder away from your beautiful dress. A thicker and more supportive strap can provide you with a much needed lift, which is a big help in work or official functions.

It’s advisable that you give straps like spaghetti styles and halters a snub of your nose, no matter how sexy they are. These will only cause your breasts to be more pronounced, and project your shoulders all the more. Empire-cut sleeveless cloths are ideal for night out on the town. When your breasts are large, you’ll be oscillating back and forth between showing way too much, or showing far too little.

If you’re looking for some type of blouse to wear, choose one that’s tight around the waist, but that loosens near the bust line. This creates the illusion of a small waist and a smaller bust as well. If you’re attempting to not show too much, then avoid limiting yourself. If you’re going out on Friday night, live it up, but be tasteful.

Clothes for working at the office should be professionally designed. You don’t have to look boring or drab. You need to find cuts that minimize the bust line rather than enhancing it. A full bosom is considered a blessing, and you want your clothes to flatter your gift without trashing it. A good idea for those with large breasts who are going to work is to try wearing ‘wrap’ dresses.

This is a pattern of no consequence that will play down your bust size. You will still look very dashing and stylish. Wearing wrap dresses can flatter your bust and hug your curves while making you something to behold.

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