Wrong bras can lead to health defect
Wrong bras can lead to health defect

Breast size is one of the greatest single biological variants among women. Whenever breasts develop to more than a liter, give or take, they then become cumbersome and can cause skin irritation and back strain. They also cause some breathing problems and bring on additional health risks. Body weight is commonly correlated to breast size, but certain conditions of breast hypertrophy exist in patients that aren’t viewed as being obese.


Aside from the physical hindrances a lot of women also develop negative issues psychologically. The become self-conscious and have low self-esteem. Their overall body image of themselves becomes detrimental to their well-being.

Women whose breasts are oversized can experience chronic pain, or pain that is long lasting, which affects their lives negatively. The weight of their breasts causes pain in their backs, their necks, and their shoulders, and this also leads to having headaches.

Large breasts can also limit a woman’s ability to exercise. They can be a real hindrance to activities such as running, yoga, or even golf. When you combine these hindrances with the self-consciousness, it forms a formidable opponent. It keeps them from being free to live the life they truly want.

Skin Irritations can also come about due to oversize breasts. Another bad development along with rashes, are yeast infections. It’s difficult to keep the area underneath the breasts dry. So heat rash becomes a problem, because sweat is unable to evaporate. Large breasted women also deal with chafing along the sides of their breasts, because of the spillage when their bra cup they’re wearing is too small. They can get stretch marks and some deep indentions or grooves from the bra straps that are putting pressure on their shoulders.

Oversize breasts can also cause altered posture, causing the shoulders to roll forward, and this adds pressure on their upper body, on an area known as the ‘thoracic outlet’. When this happens, that extra pressure will cause blood vessels and nerves to compress, resulting in pain or in tingling sensations in their upper extremities.

Most people would think the psychological effects would be the opposite, that women would be proud to have extra large breasts, but the facts show that when they’re ‘too’ large, this just isn’t true. It affects clothing choices and it affects comfort. Their whole lives are spent dealing with this problem.

Breast reduction surgery is a really good method of addressing all these issues. It’s a procedure that has already helps out countless women across this country. They’ve been able to take their lives back and begin to live again. Lots of studies have shown that body image, social adaptation, and self-esteem will all improve once this procedure has been done. It can alleviate many medical problems as well as the psychological problems that are created by this condition.

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